Fabric Face Masks

It is a requirement for everyone to wear a mask in Singapore when out and about during this current Covid-19 situation. And while reusable cloth masks do not replace medical grade ones, they offer an additional barrier and some protection.
Our cloth masks are not mass produced, neither are they bought in bulk overseas and re-sold. They are handmade one by one in our home studio. Details like having it 3 -ply and with a removable nose bridge wire all takes time and hours at the sewing desk.  Pre-washing the fabric to ensure colour fastness and no further shrinkage all take effort and time. Our aim is to make available comfortable face masks that fit well and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Our fabric masks are also available in 3D style. Drop us an email at after placing the order online if you'd like them in the 3D style.


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