Bamboo Cotton Muslin Blanket or Bamboo Knit Blanket? Which is better for baby?

There is such a wide array of baby blankets for parents to choose from and it can get pretty confusing. We love bamboo fabric and below are some information that demystify the two commonly types of bamboo blankets that are available in the market: Bamboo Cotton Muslin blankets and Bamboo Cotton Knit blankets.

Bamboo cotton muslin and bamboo cotton knit are two different types of fabrics, each with its own characteristics and uses:

  1. Bamboo Cotton Muslin:

    • Material: Bamboo cotton muslin is typically made from a blend of bamboo and cotton fibers.
    • Texture: Muslin fabric is lightweight, finely woven, and breathable. It is known for its softness and smooth texture.
    • Properties: Muslin is highly absorbent and dries quickly, making it suitable for baby products like swaddle blankets, burp cloths, and clothing.
    • Use: It is commonly used for baby products, light blankets, scarves, and occasionally in clothing that requires a light, breathable fabric.
  2. Bamboo Cotton Knit:

    • Material: Bamboo cotton knit is also made from a blend of bamboo and cotton fibers but is knitted rather than woven.
    • Texture: Knit fabric is stretchy and has more give than woven fabrics. It has a textured appearance due to its knitting process.
    • Properties: Knit fabrics are comfortable, soft, and have good drape. They can be lightweight or heavier depending on the knit type (e.g., jersey knit, rib knit).
    • Use: Knit fabrics are used for a wide range of clothing such as t-shirts, dresses, pajamas, and underwear. They are also used in activewear due to their stretchiness and breathability.

Key Differences:

  • Texture and Feel: Muslin is smooth and lightweight, while knit fabric has a stretchy texture.
  • Absorbency: Muslin is highly absorbent, whereas knit fabrics can vary in absorbency depending on their weave and weight.
  • Applications: Muslin is primarily used for baby products and lightweight garments, whereas knit fabrics are used for a wider range of clothing due to their stretch and comfort.

Choosing between bamboo cotton muslin and bamboo cotton knit would depend on the specific application and desired characteristics of the fabric (e.g., softness, stretch, absorbency).

We prefer Bamboo Cotton Muslin for our range of baby blankets because of the open weave nature of the bamboo.


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