About Us

When I started breastfeeding, I would source for a nursing room whether in a mall or other public areas. Alas, nursing rooms were not readily available and even when they were available, I did not enjoy the feeling of being confined in a little space and having the rest of the family outside waiting for me.

I was subsequently gifted with a nursing cover, however I felt that it was not ideal in fabric and sizing. I then took to task to source for the softest and breathable fabric and created comfortable and practical nursing covers. Today, we are happy to present a wide range of designs that comes in two thoughtful sizes. 

I am proud to say that we are a Singapore brand and that all our nursing ponchos are made here locally. We strive to provide the most comfortable, practical and stylish nursing covers for breastfeeding mums both here locally and abroad.
Owner of Ubermums
Background of Nursing Ponchos by Ubermums:
We started out with our maternity and nursing wear range from our mother website : We have since birthed this 2nd website specially for nursing covers.