Baby Shower Gift Set - Meow
Baby Shower Gift Set - Meow

Baby Shower Gift Set - Meow

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 This gift set is perfect for baby showers and new baby arrivals. Practical, well made and beautifully packaged, it's a gift that will be welcomed by every mum-to-be!

 This set includes:

  • Beansprout Husk Pillow - Helps baby to enjoy a more restful sleep by cushioning baby against sudden sounds and movements. Calming and soothing.
  • Baby Feeding Bib - Soft and absorbent with a terry cotton backing
  • Tag Blankie - Colourful and textured ribbon tags all around the edges of the blanket encourage baby to touch and pull, providing sensory stimulation and aiding in baby’s fine motor skill development. 15" X 15"
  • Gift Card - We will include your personalised message
  • Gift Box - Beautifully crafted and can be used as a keepsake box